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Jonathan Robbins
Creator, Writer, Director, Producer
Rachel Beattie
Matthew Carvery
Writer, Producer, Web Designer
Alex Gheorghe
DOP, Writer, Director
Charles Barangan
Jason Leaver
Isaac Rayment
Ryan Longo
Ashley Dallimore
Make up Artist
Susan Bernhardt
Jeff Sinasac
FX Artist
Buzz Koffman
FX Artist
Norm Stangl
FX Artist
George Flores
Supervising Sound Editor:
Jarek Hardy
Sound Mixer
Lea Lawrynowicz

Jonathan Robbins has worked on both sides of the camera for 20 years. Early roles opposite Will Ferrell and several popular tv commercials such as the Whiskas Temptations "cat crashes through walls" spot have kept Jonathan a working actor for the better part of this time. On the production side, through his company mojopro Films, he has directed dance films and narrative shorts including the award-winning Your Ex-Lover is Dead which was the basis for Clutch, and the 60's conspiracy thriller 'Sleep Clinic'. He has IMDB credits as cinematographer, editor and producer on several notable short films. After falling in love with the support and friendship among the international web series community, he is developing new online projects, including as a story editor on the Italian-produced series The Wakefield Variations.
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Matthew describes writing as the thing he never knew he wanted to do. Since seeing the episodes of Clutch he wrote filmed he has been tapped to work on more than one other project in the Toronto Web Series Community as well as co-creating several tv series projects with fellow writer, Charles Barangan. He also began to learn the ins and outs of producing in season 2 under the guidance of Clutch creator Jonathan Robbins. Matthew is also an accomplished web coder, and designed and coded the site you are currently on!
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Alex Gheorghe is thrilled to be part of the Clutch team, contributing at various times as writer, guest director, DOP and editor! He's worked on AUX TV's AUX Weekly and Master Tracks, has freelanced in various capacities for countless independent projects in Toronto. He's currently in post-production for his first feature length documentary.
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Originally from in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Charles Barangan's work can be found across the globe in as far reaches as Australia. A graduate of broadcasting school, he has made the jump from on camera to behind it and enjoys both watching and creating for the screen. He enjoys travelling abroad, games, volunteer work and comic books. He now resides in Toronto, Ontario with his 2 Leopard geckos, Nick and September. Charlie became a writer on Clutch the old-fashioned way, by writing a spec-script (without a series bible!) and impressing the creator! He spent much time on set, often doing assistant camera work to help out.
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Isaac Rayment set up Hybrid Productions, a production studio in Toronto which focused on music video production and were the recipients of dozens of awards including several MMVAs.  Isaac has always been involved in technical event production, directing and designing live video rigs for multi-camera productions and created interesting custom content for projection at events, galas and awards shows. This led to his curiosity and experimentation with 3D Projection Mapping. Taking on his first projection mapped set design with TEDxToronto in 2010. With its accolades and success he has since designed and created several unique custom video projection projects for several events!  Now living in Montreal, Isaac is pursuing a more regular involvement in the Projection Mapping design and development world.
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Jason Leaver is an award winning Toronto-based filmmaker, community leader and passionate advocate for the next medium of storytelling: web series. He is the creator of the internationally acclaimed web series Out With Dad, which has gone on to become the most watched online narrative ever produced in Canada. Jason is involved in many web series productions, the co-director and cinematographer of Pete Winning and the Pirates, cinematographer of Leslieville, director and editor of The Gate, and proud to have directed two episodes of Clutch’s second season.
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In addition to recording and mixing sound on various projects from Cut Throat to Aisha and Rahul (which he also composed), Ryan regularly works in the sound departments of major productions such as Flashpoint, The Firm and Score: A Hockey Musical. Ryan is also an artist (providing the airplane mural seen in Mike's apartment throughout Clutch) and an inventor, frequently developing gadgets and props for various experimental and practical projects.
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Ashley Dallimore runs Ashes makeup, specializing in special f/x and glamour. She first worked with Jonathan Robbins on the short film Sleep Clinic, and he immediately recruited her for Clutch. Unbeknownst to him, Ashley was already well-known in the web series world for her work on Mind's Eye the Series. Doing whatever it takes on set, Ashley even stepped in for a cameo in Clutch as one of the Hookers with a Vengeance, doing her own makeup as well! Ashley recently did make up for the Michael Biehn film Tapped.
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Susan Bernhardt, the creator and executive producer of the multi-award winning teen drama Miss Behave, is thrilled to join forces with the creative team behind the mega-hit Clutch. With a diverse background of 30+ years in business & marketing, she created her own production company , Leonian Pictures, as a creative outlet for herself and daughter Jillian Clare – both Leo's. The company has several projects in various stages of development and will be producing a feature film in January 2013 – the first of many! Susan also owns and operates a boutique PR firm, representing clients starring in major motion pictures, soap operas, prime time and of course, web television.
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Jeff handles many of the action shots in Clutch, adding bullet holes, blood bursts and sometimes as little as cleaning up a dirty foot. Jeff has done visual effects for a number of independent productions, including his own film, Red Moon Over Rigger's Pond, and working as the vfx lead for such films as Android Re-Enactment, Goodbye and Lose Yourself.  He's also worked on major Hollywood productions, such as IMAX's Hubble 3D.
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In addition to being an actor and starring in Clutch as Hatch, Buzz Koffman did the visual f/x for episode 107: It Always Catches Up To You. He created a CGEye, as we aptly named it, to appear as a "normal" eye when telling the story of how his character received cornea damage to his right eye, which Buzz has had since he was a child. Buzz works in the post-production field, where he is currently creating the visual and sound effects for an edgy new webseries out of Montreal called "Claddagh".
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Jarek Hardy mixes many of the Clutch episodes. However, he is a man of many talents. Jarek is primarily a musician with his band, The Johnstones, who have travelled the world and enjoyed success here at home, with singles on MuchMusic and radio alike. Jarek is also co-creator of Crown The Town with Ryan Long, a hilarious sketch-based, wacky comedy that takes the gentleman across the city of Toronto to find the best of the best. With it's insanely wacky premises and uniquely funny stunts, the show has already received praise from such comedy legends as Tom Green, Kenny Hotz and Steve-O (with Steve-O even appearing in an episode). He has recorded and produced much of his own music, done sound design, editing and even recording on many episodes of his shows and others, as well as working on the motion graphics end of many series.
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George Flores CAS, MPSE is an independent Sound Editor, Sound Designer, and Re-Recording Sound Mixer who has posted sound for 26 feature films including The Collapsed, the Dark Rising films, Android Re-Enactment and Monster Brawl. Additionally, he has created sound for video games such as Resident Evil: Outbreak and television series The Big Comfy Couch. George proudly remains independent, able to offer his clients a comfortable and productive experience through his technical expertise, artistry and passion at his own private studio.
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Norm Stangl lead the visual f/x team who created the lightbulb in episode 200, completely from scratch. Early in his career Norm worked with Nelvana Ltd, a provider of quality entertainment for children. He built their special services facility BearSpots that focused on animated production for advertising agencies. During his prolific career Norm worked with Mammoth Pictures, and Keen pictures. Both companies focused on vfx and animation support for the advertising sector. In 1992 Norm founded SPIN VFX, a company providing animation and vfx for the advertising industry. He later extended those services to the television and film industry. Titles that Norm has been involved in include: The Devil and Daniel Mouse (Nelvana TV special), Rock ‘n’ Rule (a Nelvana Feature and animation cult classic), Cyberworld 3-D (co-produced with IMAX) and Outlander (co-produced with Ascendant Pictures for the Weinstein Company).
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When approached to return to Clutch for Season Two, Lea expressed interest in coming on board as a writer, and sent some samples of her ideas. She was immediately brought onto the team for her unique, albeit dark, and on the nose understanding of the world that Bridgette would live in.
To help these ideas come to life, she also came on as a co-producer for the first Season Two episode, Aftermath, and co-directed with Alex Gheorghe two others. In all of her work, Lea is someone who won't go part-way with anything, a valuable trait which helped elevate the second season to the acclaim it's receiving.
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